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Catching the waves in Miami


Aerial shot, when I went on a hot air balloon

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Find relevant clips in your library to edit a video, right from the timeline. 


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Best shot of both of my friends on our hike

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Type it. Make it. 

Don't worry about all the different takes or jumble of videos you have. We’ll navigate the footage flood.


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A video editor that works with you.




An entirely different way to interact with videos.

Never slow down. Access cutting-edge video discovery tools, integrated right into the heart of Moonshine.

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Everything you need. Taking into account the full context of your timeline and videos.

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Industry-leading video indexing speeds. Render in the cloud. Search in milliseconds.

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Data is never accessed by a 3rd party. Anonymous IDs across the board. Encrypted PII. 


and there's more...


Unlimited Assets


Export in 4K


Clip Extend and Prepend


No Watermarks


So, whether it's the time you pranked your friend          , or finally nailed the perfect angle        

We got you covered,

for every story.


Videos are automatically analyzed, taking into account       Speech,        Visuals,       Volume, and       Rhythm


Moonshine indexes your videos. No third parties access your data.

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This is an early iteration of Moonshine— it's the worst it will ever be.

Thank you for checking us out :)

Built with ❤️‍🔥 from all over the 🌎

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